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Youtube SEO Tricks

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Youtube SEO! What is it? How to rank high in search? How to get more Views and Subscribers?
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What’s with SEO or search engine optimization for youtube?
OK, this sounds funny, you don’t need to deal with the SEO of YouTube but only with your videos. So what are they … Let’s take a look.

Youtube’s algorithm works on the basis of the following,

1. Proper Keywords
So, what are keywords? Keywords are those words that show you the exact content that you wanted. Let’s take a look at an example :
Searching for games, just typing games could bring you all sorts of games like android games, pc games, ios games etc. So if you want just android games, you search for android games and it does filers the result and brings only Android games to your search result. So it’s important to use proper keywords. Do the proper study in keywords and then write your title, description etc.

Some Of The Keyword Tool :

Type your keyword and see :

2. Proper Description
Many makes mistakes when it comes to the description with your video . Add proper description and use keywords in the descriptions. This could bring you more search appearance and viewers.

3. Number of viewers, likes and subscriber
Well this part of youtube I didn’t like. Youtube gives priority to channels with more viewers, likes and subscribers. Hum, not encouraging newbies.

4. Making your viewers engaged
This is something really important. Your videos must me engaging, that is one should keep on seeing the videos. Add proper cards, end screen etc and try to make the viewer to stay in your channel it self.

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