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Create A Free Blog At

Do you wish to start a free blog at ?

Well then use these simple steps and create one now . is a free platform where you could create your blog . Its really easy to work with blogger and if you know some basics on HTML and CSS then you could make your blog according to your wish . Blogger is fully editable and you could do any thing on blogger and its one of its merit compared to other platforms . The video above will provide you exact steps to create your blog at . I will sum up those steps here .


Steps create a new blog :

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your Google account
  • Create a new blog
  • Name the blog ( Be careful while naming it, choose a good name )
  • Choose a URL for your blog ( Try to make it matching for your blogs name )
  • Click create, your blog is crated successfully

Steps to post a new post :

  • On your blogger dashboard click new post
  • Enter the post title
  • Enter the content
  • Click publish, your post is published successfully

Enjoy blogging, be truthful, express every thing yourself on your own ways and be open to your readers then you could surly be successful .

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