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Blogging And Earning

Simple and effective ways to earn money blogging . Reveling easiest ways to earn money online .

When you start thinking on blogging its very important to know what is blogging and the effective ways to get success full in blogging . So lets take look at the term blogging and the ways to get success full in it .

Blogging :
Lets see what Wiki define blogging, “add new material to or regularly update a blog”. So this is what Google tell us on blogging . So let me explain what is blogging according to me . Blogging is the simplest way for sharing knowledge , values and its the place where we could express our selfs . For me blogging is my passion and i love blogging . What if our passion help others and brings a small earning for us . Wow its simply just amazing and you could actually be proud that you earn from your home . I think that i am deviating a little from the topic so lets come back .

Earning money from your blog :
According to me you will have to wait to start having a good amount of earning from your blog . I took over 1 year to get around 10000 visitors per day, thats the time when i started earning too . Earning is ok, but never target earning as your primary goal . Blog being selfless, never expect earning from your blog and type up the content on its basis . So what are the ways to earn from your blog ?

Ways to earn from your blog :
First of the best way for starters is Adsense . Adsense would give you money for impressions, clicks and further transactions . So what should i do for start earning from Adsense . Its simple and easy, just go through these steps if you need some help in it .

  1. You must have a Google account
  2. Sign in to Adsense
  3. Apply to Adsense with your blog URL . If you are using your can easily apply for adsense from your dashboard itself .
  4. After aproval you can start showing ads and earn from it
  5. There would be a conformation of your address and therefor make sure you give your complete address .
  6. So thats all with adsense . After these you can transfer the amount if your earnings crossed 100$ .

Lets me conclude with another easy way for earning, but this is for developers and am going to talk on Admobs .

What is Admob and how does it work ?
Well Admob is the simplest and easiest way to earn money from your applications . Well i hope majority of the developers may know of Admob and the ways of earing from it . Admob is just a division of Adsense, that is Admob is for showing Adsence ads on mobile devices . To set up Admob bvanners you just need to add few lines of codes and the task will be done for you .

You could know more on Admob from here .

Ok now start earning something extra and be successful . Keep in mind that blogging is not just earning .

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