Activate Free SSL For Blogger Custom Domains

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Activate Free SSL For Blogger Custom Domains

Hai, in this post well be see how we can Activate Free SSL For Blogger Custom Domains and we won’t be using CloudFlare for this. It is really easy to activate free SSL for you Blogger website which has a custom domain. So let’s take a look at it.

Activate Free SSL For Blogger Custom Domains

Blogger normally provides Free SSL for its sub-domains that is and they do not provide an SSL for custom domains ( Domains that you bought. Like, etc ).

How to get free SSL for blogger website with custom domains?

Many may think the answer for this as CloudFlare. No, we won’t be using CloudFlare as Blogger doesn’t support Cloudflare. You could use Cloudflare but it causes a problem when someone accesses your site with your old domain. Using Cloudflare on your new custom domains makes your old domain to create a redirection page and it asks your reader whether to enter this site or not. This redirection page will also be saying that Google is not able to check for vulnerabilities and there are chances for problems on this site. This could give your visitors a bad impression and most of your visitors won’t click to enter your site. Humm, nobody likes to take a risk.

So what is the way for getting a free SSL for blogger custom domains without using Cloudflare?

It’s very simple and you don’t even have to do things that you did for using CloudFlare. Just follow these steps below.

Steps For Activating Free SSL for Blogger Custom Domains

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Go to settings -> User Settings.
  3. For the option Use Blogger Draft select Yes and save the changes.
    Activate Free SSL For Blogger Custom Domains


  4. Now come back to Settings -> Basic.
  5. Check the option HTTPS availability and you could see that you could select it Yes or No. Now you could turn on HTTPS just by choosing Yes.
  6. Now wait for some time ( around 15 minutes ) and try accessing your site with HTTPS it would be opening your site with an encrypted connection.
  7. After you find that you are able to access your site with HTTPS, Select Yes for HTTPS redirect. This lets the visitors on HTTP to Redirect To HTTPS.
    Activate Free SSL For Blogger Custom Domains


  8. That’s all these simple steps could activate Free SSL For your Blogger Custom Domains.

Hope this post was helpful for you, I would be writing more such posts according to your interest let me know whether you liked it or not by leaving a comment below.

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