Best Ever Ways To Earn Money Blogging

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Best Ever Ways To Earn Money Blogging


Do you want to earn money online ?

Blogging is one of the best way for making money online, but you should not blog for money, earning money is a part of blogging . So today i would introduce you to some of the best ways to Earn Money Blogging . I would be introducing you to adsense and affiliate marketing through this post .

Adsense :
You might have heard about adsense, it is one of the best way to Earn Money Blogging . So how to apply for adsense ?

  • Go to
  • Sign up using your Google account. If you are using apply directly from your blogger dashboard . Go to -> Earnings
  • Complete the sign up and applying process
  • Your application will be reviewed and if they fount that your blog is eligible then they would approve your application
  • After approval you can place ads on your blog and start earning

Things to be checked before applying for Adsense :

  • Your blog should have a Privacy and Policy , Contact , Sitemap pages
  • Make sure that your blog don’t contain any copied content
  • Write SEO friendly articles

Affiliate marketing :

There are a lot of ways for affiliate marketing, I will be introducing you to some of the popular and the best once among them .Keep in mind that in affiliate marketing you won’t be paid like the way adsense does, you are paid as commissions that is you won’t get paid per clicks or impressions. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to Earn Money Blogging .

Amazon Affiliate :
Amazon affiliate is one of the best way if you are having a blog related to buying selling and also good for technical blogs too .

Steps :

  • Go to and start your account .
  • Choose your product, banner or any sorts of widgets of ads and place it in your blog .
  • Thats all simple and easy . Keep in mind that you don’t get paid for clicks or for impressions so place the ads wisely .

CJ Affiliate :
Commission Junction one of the best and popular affiliate marketing center . In CJ affiliate you could choose the company which you like and can apply for their affiliate program . If you apply for some famous affiliates like Hostgator your application will be rejected with out even submitting , its because you just started . You could solve it by sending them an email through the CJ messaging service .

Steps :

  • Go to and start you account .
  • Select any brand or company you like and apply .
  • If they approve you could add the banners , products , and even create your own widgets and add those to you blog .The main thing that i repeat is to place the ads wisely .

There are many other affiliates like ebuy affiliate, flipkart affiliate etc . Make your ads in between the posts and do it brilliantly that your readers won’t know that its a blog . Enjoy blogging and have fun . I would be writing on more ways by witch you could Earn Money Blogging .

Earn Money Blogging

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