Month: January 2018

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Common Blogging Mistakes That You Should Not Do On Your Blog

  Have you ever noticed the Common Blogging Mistakes that you make on your blog ? Mistakes are not a big problems but as a blogger mistakes could bother you a lot, and the thing is that you won’t be knowing the problems that are caused due to the mistakes that you have done .…
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Hand Picked Best Blogger Widgets

Best Blogger Widgets For Your Blog . Blogger Widgets Free And Which Are Easy To Add . Widgets For Youtube , Facebook , Twitter And  More With A Different And Amazing Look To Make You Blog Look Great . You don’t need any knowledge in web developing languages . Just do what i say in…
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Hand Picked Widgets

How to add this to blogger :1. Go to blogger2. Paste the code of the needed widget in the place where you wanted, Like inside your post or in the widget place etc.3. Easy step just copy paste . Image Thumbnail Widget : <style>img {    border: 1px solid #ddd;    border-radius: 4px;    padding: 5px;    width: 150px;}…
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Add Logos To Search Using Google Rich Cards

How to Add Logos To Search Using Google Rich Cards ?Google rich cards are a new search result format building on the success of rich snippets. Just like rich snippets, rich cards use structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format, with a focus on providing a better mobile…
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Best Ever SEO Meta Tags For Blogger

Do you wish to have the best traffic for your blog ? Then go to your dashboard and start editing your SEO Meta tags now . SEO is very important for a blog/website and it should be best in SEO for having good result from search engines . SEO has a lots of things that…
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Best Ever Ways To Earn Money Blogging

Do you want to earn money online ? Blogging is one of the best way for making money online, but you should not blog for money, earning money is a part of blogging . So today i would introduce you to some of the best ways to Earn Money Blogging . I would be introducing…
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Best IDE’s For Android Development

Which is the best choice to make a professional application, fast and easy ? I would be introducing you to the 5 best IDE’s that you can use for developing applications for Android . 1. Android StudioThere is no need to think much for finding the best IDE for android development, Android Studio is ranking…
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