Month: July 2017

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Add Google’s Sitelinks Search Box To Your Blog or Website

How to add google sitelinks search box one of the best SEO tricks to your blog or website ? You can add it in two ways . So let’s take a look at those ways . How it looks like ? Search that is the way it looks like . Now let’s add it…
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Fix Blogspot DNS Error

A reference for :  Problems with blogger, Fix Blogspot DNS Error, Blogger DNS error, server dns address could not be found, ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED, Blogger access problem, redirect .in to .com . Are you facing problems with your URL . This is a very common problem and many are facing this . You can access your site…
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HTML Lesson Seven – Lists

Lists in HTML are of two, ordered lists and unordered lists . So lets start with at the ordered lists . Ordered Lists : <ol><li>Example-1</li><li>Example-2</li><li>Example-3</li></ol> Output : Example-1 Example-2 Example-3 Okay, now lets give it a change . Lets use alphabets, roman numbers etc for your list . Adding Attributes To ordered Lists :See these…
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HTML Tutorial Six – Images And Links

In this tutorial we will be learning about images and links in HTML . This section includes adding an image in HTML, ALT text, resizing it, adding a border and also about adding links in HTML . So lets start with our HTML Tutorials Six – Images And Links . How to add images to…
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