Month: May 2017

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Disable Text Selection Using CSS

Refer This Post For : Disabling Text Selection On Blogger , Disable Text , Disable Text Using CSS , Disable Text Using JavaScript , Disable Text Selection Efficiently . Are you worried of your content being stolen ? Content getting stolen is one of the biggest problem faced by a blogger . You might have…
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Which Is Best Blogger or WordPress

Are you a blogger ? You might be really confused on choosing a platform for your blog . WordPress and Blogger two best available platforms . WordPress Or Blogger what to choose ? Have any difficulty in choosing your website platform . This is a big question for all the bloggers . We do have…
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Build A Professional Application

Welcome to our new tutorial on Android Studio . On this tutorial we are going to build an application with all features and every thing integrated like splash screen , notification system , in-build update checker , custom off-line notification , etc … Set up android studio in your windows and linux computers Download volley.jar…
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In-Build Update Checker For Your Application

So its time to add an in-build updater to your application , so as i did in previous tutorial this post will be also a continuation of the Android Studio Tutorials . We are doing Android Studio projects as a continuation , so am just moving on to the main part . I will explain…
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